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A Practice Test For The ServSafe Food Protection Manager Exam








Hello, and thanks for visiting!  My name is Marsha Tomlinson.

I have taught thousands of students just like you safe food practices...enabling them to pass their certification exam.   After teaching food safety for 40 years, I know what you need to pass!


After teaching hundreds of food safety classes, I realized there is a faster and easier way for you to prepare to pass your exam.  Instead of going to a class or reading a manual and wondering what might be on the exam, I developed Food Safety Exam Cram...a practice test for the Food Protection Manager exam that has all the questions and info you need to know.


I know the questions that are on the exam and, even more importantly, know the importance of handling and serving food


Food Safety Exam Cram, valid for study in all 50 states, has over 200 questions, along with the correct answer and explanation. The practice test covers all the info you need to know to take and pass your Food Protection Manager certification exam. Studying using these practice questions gives you the ability to answer difficult questions with ease and confidence...taking the worry and stress out of passing the exam.   We offer a full 100% money back guarantee you will pass. 

The cost of the practice test is $19.99.  You download the practice test immediately upon purchase. This gives you the ability to begin preparing today and you can study when and where you want...home, school, or anywhere else. It is amazing how much time you will save...discovering in a matter of minutes the kinds of information covered on the exam.