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Food Protection Manager Certification

There are four nationally recognized exams, valid in all states, that meet the requirements of the Food Protection Manager Certification Program. These four exams are:


Food Safety Exam Cram will fully prepare you to pass any of these national exams, as well as any state-specific exams covering food safety.  


The Conference for Food Protection is an independent voluntary organization that has identified the essential components of a nationally recognized Food Protection Manager Certification Program and established a mechanism to determine if certification organizations meet these standards. The Conference Standards for Accreditation of Food Protection Manager Certification Programs are intended for all legal entities that provide certification for this profession. The Standards have been developed after years of Conference research into, and discussion about, Food Protection Manager Certification Programs. 

All certifying organizations attesting to the competency of Food Protection Managers, including regulatory authorities that administer and/or deliver certification programs, have a responsibility to the individuals desiring certification, to the employers of those individuals, and to the public. Certifying organizations have as a primary purpose the evaluation of those individuals who wish to secure or maintain Food Protection Manager Certification in accordance with the criteria and standards established through the Conference for Food Protection. Certifying organizations issue certificates to individuals who meet the required level of competency.

The Conference standards are based on nationally recognized principles used by a variety of organizations providing certification programs for diverse professions and occupations. Accreditation, through the process recognized by Conference for Food Protection, indicates that the certification organization has been evaluated by a third party accrediting organization and found to meet or exceed all of the Conference-established standards.

To earn accreditation, the certification organization must meet the Conference for Food Protection Manager Standards and provide evidence of compliance through the documentation requested in the application. In addition, the certification organization agrees to abide by certification policies and procedures, established by the CFP Food Protection Manager Certification Committee (FPMCC), endorsed by the Conference for Food Protection and implemented by the accrediting organization. The Committee has developed a FAQ's Document to address some of the common questions raised by users of Food Protection Manager Certification.

The accrediting organization shall verify and monitor continuing compliance with the CFP Standards through the entire accreditation period. The Conference for Food Protection's Food Protection Manager Certification Committee will work directly with the accreditation organization to enhance and maintain certification policies and procedures that meet the specific needs of Food Protection Managers while ensuring a valid, reliable and legally defensible evaluation of certification programs. The Conference for Food Protection Manager Certification Committee works within the Conference structure to finalize the criteria and selection process for an organization to serve as the accrediting body for Food Protection Manager Certification Programs. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is the accrediting organization for the CFP Standards for accreditation of Food Protection Manager Certification Programs.